This system cuts a diagnostic sheet into individual pieces.

AZCO’S test strip cutter is an automated two step system.  The sheet is placed onto an in-feed station from where  the motor actuator will move it into the first cutting station.  This station will cut the sheet into individual cards.  The cutting station has rotary shear cut blades driven by a variable speed motor. The edge trim and the areas between the strips go into a scrap bin below.

The individual cards will go over driven rollers which will help guide the cards onto a shingled table.  At the end of the table the cards will hit a physical stop. With the cards on the shingled table, the table will lower.  In the lowered position, conveyor belts will index the cards into the second cutting station.  The index conveyor will have flights which will push the cards into the next station.  A motor drive will power the conveyor.  Optic eye registration sensor will index the conveyor to the correct location in order to align with the next station.  An optic eye will look for any reject marks on the white portion of the card. If a reject mark is found the card indexes to the reject station. A nip roller station will close on the card and reject the card from the conveyor. A plastic reject bin will be used to collect the rejected cards.

As the cards continue down the conveyor they will be indexed into the side registration position.  An electric actuator with a pusher will look at the strip and move the card into the correct side position.  Once in position a pusher assembly will move the card into the second cutting station.  The second cutting station will cut the cards into 6mm strips.  The strips will go onto an out feed tray. Once on the out feed tray a side guide will move all the pieces into a collection area.

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