This system cuts diagnostic strips from rolls into individual pieces.

The material will be loaded onto a cantilevered unwind that will allow for quick and easy loading.

After being un-wound, the web will travel through a dance assembly that will be used to help monitor web tension and increase overall cut consistency.  The roll feed will be mounted on an angle and servo driven. This will provide the web index control and push the material into the knife assembly. There will then be a plasma coated material guides and a registration eye to see the markings on each strip. The material can be indexed based on either dimensions or a registration mark on the material.

The knife assembly will shear the material and be designed to bring the knife as close to the conveyor as possible. This will allow for a cut and place in one single motion. There will be a material guide that is spring loaded to place the strip felt side up onto the conveyor. The blade and clamp will rise before they reach the point of strip placement.

There will also be a registration eye mounted to see each cleat on the conveyor and signal the unit to cycle. The entire assembly will be mounted on a ½” thick anodized aluminum base plate with the control box mounted perpendicularly to the base plate.

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