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Terms & Conditions


We stand behind our products.  If the unit is not meeting the agreed upon requirements, contact us to return it within 30 days for a full refund.


We value our customers and are sensitive to the proprietary nature of your production process and materials. Whether you are ordering equipment, providing us with materials to sample cut or are utilizing our cutting services, an ISO- approved security process is in place, which maintains your company’s anonymity.


When an equipment order is placed, a job number is assigned and used throughout the production and assembly processes. Our engineering and manufacturing departments design and produce your equipment utilizing your specs, but at no time are they aware of your company’s identity. We do not need to know how your company processes materials or its end use in order to develop a system to address your feeding and cutting needs. For this reason, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements. If you think it is necessary to divulge trade secrets or proprietary information that requires us to sign a nondisclosure agreement, we will do so only after it has been thoroughly reviewed by our legal counsel. The costs incurred for this review will be billed to you.


If you would like to “try before you buy,” we offer sample testing services. When your sample material is received, an identification number is assigned. All internal correspondences relating to your sample carry this number. This number also appears on your samples when they are returned to you. Your company name never appears on your sample. The excess sample material is returned, if requested. If there is no request for the return of the sample, the material will be held for 4-6 weeks and then discarded.


Prepayment is required before delivery.


The following criteria must be met to achieve established account status:

  • Credit Check
  • Two or more separate purchases must be placed within a 12 month period. If all criteria are met during the two initial purchases, an active established account will be created.
  • All invoice payments must be made within the terms given to the customer. 
  • Three supply trade references and financial institution information must be furnished. 
  • Credit limits will be set according to prior credit history with supply trades. 
  • For a customer’s account to remain active, a minimum of one purchase must be made during each subsequent 18 month period. Customers with inactive accounts must re-establish active account status to obtain terms.
  • Please contact AZCO for International terms and policies.





$0 – $2,500None (a)Net 30 Days (a)
$2,501 – $5,00050% before work beginsNet 30 Days (a)
$5,001 – $25,00050% before work begins50% before shipment
$25,000 plus50% before work beginsIndividually reviewed and set
(a) Payment terms for customers with established accounts only. Customers without established accounts will be required to pre-pay when the purchase order is sent.

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