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  • SUR-PAK™ Pouch Dispenser

    Dispensing & Inserting Products $25,466.00

    The 5D pouch dispenser is most commonly used for dispensing desiccant and oxygen absorbers.  It is able to run products from all manufacturer...

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    Dispensing & Inserting Products $35,997.00

    The AZCO ACU-SERT™ Inserter CI-250 will automatically feed, cut and dispense sheets for your application. With an optional eye registration s...

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  • Desiccant Dispensing

    Packaging Products $100.00

    Desiccant pouches designed for use with our SUR-PAK pouch dispensers.

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  • FG Series

    Cut-to-Length & Sheeters Products

    The combination of a knife assembly and a roll feeder creates a SUR-SIZE™ cut-to-length assembly. The SUR-SIZE™ cut-to-length assemblies are ...

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  • SUR-SIZE™ Sheeter

    Cut-to-Length & Sheeters Products $100.00

    AZCO SUR SIZE™ Sheeter FGW 1000 is the highly versatile and customizable automatic cutter for precision cutting flexible materials to your mo...

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  • SUR-CUT Guillotine Knife Assembly

    Cutting & Slitting Guillotine Knives Products $10,102.00

    AZCO Corp. offers complete, modular guillotine knife assemblies ready to install as stand-alone or in-line units. The GH series is a heavy du...

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