SKU: CI-250

The AZCO ACU-SERT™ Inserter CI-250 will automatically feed, cut and dispense sheets for your application. With an optional eye registration system, the unit will cut registered sheets, without the need of a printed eye mark. The use of material in roll form will save approximately 20% of the cost of the material, compared to using pre-cut sheets. With a roll, labor is reduced and operator error is eliminated. One roll can hold over 30,000 insertions and there is no need to continuously load a magazine, as done with pre-cut sheets.

The inserter feeds and cuts paper, film, foil, and label inserts up to 9 in/250 mm wide. Overwrapped coupons and leaflet pouches may also be fed from a fan-folded web. A 2-panel folding plow option is available to fold any web up to 6 in/160 mm wide in half, prior to delivery.

This unit can be a master or a slave to an existing line. Simple to use and integrate, and jam-free.  Plug directly into 110 V AC, and supply a dry contact signal when ready to dispense the next sheet.

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Standard modules can be purchased alone or in combination to build a solution that meets your unique needs.

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