AZCO Corp. invites you to register for free and visit us in Booth 2528 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 25-27, 2021. We will be showcasing the new generation HS-250 Pouch Making Machine and the 5D Pouch Dispenser. Also on display will be a variety of standard components including knife assemblies, unwind stand, and modular punches. All products are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. 

The HS-250 Pouch Making Machine with unwind, heat sealer, and cut to length knife assembly gives companies the flexibility to make pouches up to 9” [225mm] wide on-demand or for inventory.  Just by changing the roll width and entering a new pouch length, you can make a large variety of pouches as needed.  Optional printer can serialize lot, date, and barcode.

The 5D Pouch Dispenser is most commonly used for dispensing desiccant and oxygen absorbers.  This unit is all electric, easy to use, and affordable. The dispensing head is compact in size: only 7″ wide x 12″ high x 14″ deep. The machine is designed to run desiccants from all manufacturers, giving you the freedom of choice to get the most competitive pricing for your material.  A touch screen is provided for easy setup, and the unit self-threads with the automatic loading feature.  The all-electric design requires only 110vac; just plug it into a standard power outlet.

Click here for your FREE registration, compliments of AZCO Corp.  Enter promo code 83P56 during the registration process and the registration fee will be waived prior to your checkout.

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