SKU: SKC-1000

The SMARTKNIFE™, with a patent-pending technology making it operate at a high-cycle rate, features quiet operation and simple installation. Unlike traditional knife assemblies, the SMARTKNIFE™ has taken all the essentials of a knife assembly and integrated it into a compact package; all you need is an air supply and a signal.

The SMARTKNIFE™ is pneumatically-operated with a self-contained air cylinder/manifold/solenoid. You no longer need to spend the time or labor to install air lines, fittings, or sensors to control the knife position. The SMARTKNIFE™ is equipped with an embedded microprocessor and complete control package which allows the knife to achieve higher speeds than the standard guillotine presently reaches. With cycle rates exceeding 180 cuts per minute, this unit is bridging the gap between a conventional guillotine and a rotary knife assembly. Its compact size and low prices offer greater flexibility over a rotary knife solution.

The Building Blocks of Automation

Build your own unit!

Standard modules can be purchased alone or in combination to build a solution that meets your unique needs.

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