SKU: Custom 5D Desiccant Dispenser 217011


A desiccant dispenser which could lay the product flat in order to reliably dispense the desiccant onto a horizontal surface moving below the unit.

Our Solution

We took our standard 5D desiccant dispenser and added a horizontal escapement along with other options.

  • A roll of desiccant was placed on the unwind support which was mounted onto a rugged design, adjustable height stand.
  • Material was guided into traction belts which securely grabbed it.
  • The unit self-threaded with the automatic loading feature and fed the desiccant to the proper starting position.
  • An optical sensor embedded into the knife assembly detected where to make the cut and signaled the unit to cycle.
  • The knife cartridge cut the material.
  • After the cut, the material entered a high consistency escapement which laid the pouch flat to be dropped onto a tray below.
  • Unit was PLC controlled, and an operator control panel was provided which included a touch screen for easy set up and operation.

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